land sales image of a birds eye view of a residential development

Land Sales

Inception Planning has developed a wealth of expertise in land sales, linking to the acquisition and disposal of land for development. Our land promotion specialists act on the behalf of both landowners and developers, securing appropriate sites for residential, commercial, industrial and public sector developments.

We have a dedicated team that will work closely with you and provide full support, right up until the final transaction.

Are you a Landowner interested in maximising your land’s potential?

Our expert team can…

  • Conduct land development appraisals to assess the site’s development potential and any limitations that prospective projects may encounter;
  • Submit planning applications on your behalf, in addition to any extra documentation necessary to help secure planning permission for the project that will maximise your land’s desirability for buyers;
  • Undertake full site promotion services to secure you a reputable buyer. In addition, our team can also initiate sales discussions and act as intermediary throughout the entire process as per your request.

Are you Developer or Builder looking to acquire land suitable for your project?

Our expert team can…

  • Utilise our associates and contacts within the development industry, as well as undertake our own investigative services to identify sites of interest for your proposed development. We will also establish the designated proprietor for each site.
  • Conduct land development appraisals for sites of interest to ensure the land’s validity for your intended project.
  • If planning permission has not already been granted prior to the land’s sale, we can compose and submit your planning application on your behalf.
  • Enter into sales negotiations at your discretion to achieve a fair and beneficial outcome for both parties.

Land Feasibility Studies & Planning Strategy

Land Acquisition & Property Sales