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Garden Buildings & Offices

Planning Consultancy for your Garden Building or Garden Office

In the majority of cases, a garden building or garden office can be constructed under permitted development rights, relating to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 (GPDO).

The various shapes, sizes and positioning of the garden building, along with how the building will be used are the factors within the rights that can confirm if you can proceed with the build, without the requirement of full planning permission.

At Inception Planning, we can assist clients and garden building suppliers across England and Wales with planning for garden buildings, from start to finish.

Following the initial checks of your proposed plan of a garden building, we can then provide a fully Permitted Development package to obtain a Certificate of Lawfulness and submit the application on your behalf. This will include drawings (site location & block plans, floor plans and elevations) and a supporting report to validate the development.

The benefits of obtaining a Certificate of Lawfulness for a garden building development are:

  • It provides certainty that the proposed building is lawful.
  • Removes the risk of enforcement action being undertaken.
  • Provides the necessary legal paperwork, should the property ever be sold.
  • Gives peace of mind that the cost of the project to the client will not end up being wasted.

Advantages to Garden Building suppliers using our Permitted Development services

By using Inception Planning to deal with the planning for your buildings, whether a Certificate of Lawfulness or a full application, it would provide the following benefits to garden building suppliers:

  • Provides a unique selling point for your product that you use a chartered planning consultancy to obtain the necessary planning related paperwork for the project.
  • Provides a one-stop-shop solution to your clients.
  • Removes any uncertainty and therefore any comeback to your company from the client, if any planning-related issues arise.
  • Cost-effective solution. Our fees for providing this service are very competitive compared to the overall cost of the project.  Full details can be provided.
  • Peace of mind for your clients that all necessary legal documentation, which confirms the outbuilding to be lawful, has been provided – this is particularly important if they ever look to sell the property.

If your building falls outside of the parameters to be classed as permitted development then it will require a full planning application.  If this is the case we can provide a similar package to obtain formal planning permission for the building.

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Due to the increasing complexity and ever-changing nature of the planning system, the risk of undertaking planning applications without expert guidance can be an arduous and costly minefield.

Whether you believe your project to be reasonably straightforward or have complex demands, get in touch with our planning consultants first to ensure a smooth and rewarding process.