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Refused Planning Applications

Refused Planning Applications can be extremely frustrating, particularly as the initial application can be a laborious and time-consuming task. Planning permission can be denied for a number of reasons that are often beyond the control of the applicant, especially if the reasoning relates to a subjective assessment of the issues.

If you’ve found out your planning permission has been rejected, don’t despair. An initial refused planning application does not necessarily spell the end for your prospective development.

Planning Permission Appeal Services for UK Homeowners, Landowners & Developers

If your planning application or Certificate of Lawfulness has been refused, you have the right to appeal to the Secretary of State against this decision. These planning appeals are considered by an Independent Planning Inspector on behalf of the Secretary of State. The Planning Inspector will issue a decision on whether your planning appeal is valid and if consent should subsequently be granted.

Has your Planning Application been refused? Our Planning Consultants can help

Inception Planning can provide a full service of investigating your initial refused planning application and lodge a refused planning application appeal on your behalf. The planning appeal will provide all the necessary evidence in support of why it should be accepted.

Planning appeals can be addressed by way of ‘written representation’, whereby the planning appeal is set out in a written document for the Planning Inspector’s deliberation, or they can be considered through an informal hearing or public inquiry.  As well as providing your written representation, Inception Planning can attend and represent you should you decide upon having a hearing or public inquiry.

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Due to the increasing complexity and ever-changing nature of the planning system, the risk of undertaking planning applications without expert guidance can be an arduous and costly minefield.

Whether you believe your project to be reasonably straightforward or have complex demands, get in touch with our planning consultants first to ensure a smooth and rewarding process.