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Permitted Development

Not all construction work requires formal planning permission. Permitted development rights (PDRs) are a form of planning permission granted by Parliament rather than the local council, and if your development plans fall within certain restrictions, we can bypass submitting a planning application.

Planning Consultancy Services for UK Houses & Outbuildings

Permitted development covers a wide range of uses, in particular houses and outbuildings (not including maisonettes), commercial properties and education facilities. It also covers a wide range of changes of use. However, all aspects of PDRs are subject to different conditions and limitations.

Inception Planning can advise you as to whether your property is likely to benefit from PDRs, so if you are keen to know whether planning permission will be required for your project, get in touch with our team to learn more.

Certificate of Lawfulness

Unlike planning permission, a Certificate of Lawfulness is a legal document that you need to obtain in order to prove either your proposed development will fall within lawful parameters, or that your building is already lawful in its current state. Some developments that previously needed planning permission but never obtained it may be exempt from enforcement if a prescribed time limit has elapsed. A Certificate of Lawfulness will be able to establish this.

At Inception Planning, we can submit the necessary Certificate of Lawfulness to the local authority on your behalf, and we recommend this service to all clients using their PDRs. In addition, we will also provide a written statement to justify why it falls within the breadth of permitted development. Provided the Certificate of Lawfulness meets the necessary criteria as set out by Government statute, it is not possible for the council to refuse the application.

This process will ensure that all past, present and future building work on your property is lawfully compliant, and it will provide protection and peace of mind if you decide to sell your property in the future.

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Due to the increasing complexity and ever-changing nature of the planning system, the risk of undertaking planning applications without expert guidance can be an arduous and costly minefield.

Whether you believe your project to be reasonably straightforward or have complex demands, get in touch with our planning consultants first to ensure a smooth and rewarding process.