certificate of lawfulness image of sun-filled converted orangery

Residential Annexes

If you are thinking of constructing a garden building for use as a residential annexe, known by many as a ‘granny annexe’, it will be lived in on a day-to-day basis and you will need planning permission from your Local Planning Authority. If converting an existing building, it might not need full planning and we recommend a Certificate of Lawfulness.

It’s a good idea to seek professional advice when you’re starting a new construction project. This will help you avoid unnecessary expenses, disappointment and potential family upsets. Seeking advice during the early stages of your project also ensures all regulatory documents are professionally produced.

Planning Permission for Granny Annexes

On the basis that you are already reading this article, you are probably still in the decision-making period. Like most of us, we go out of our way to avoid disappointing and stressful scenarios, so we welcome the opportunity to work with you at the very early stages of your project. Our planning consultants understand just how important a garden building or residential annexe can be to the main building’s residents, particularly when older family members are involved.

So, why not call us or make contact through this website, our approachable and experienced planning consultants will always use plain English to talk you through the process and support any application through to acceptance.

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Due to the increasing complexity and ever-changing nature of the planning system, the risk of undertaking planning applications without expert guidance can be an arduous and costly minefield.

Whether you believe your project to be reasonably straightforward or have complex demands, get in touch with our planning consultants first to ensure a smooth and rewarding process.